Happenings at Trinity Mineral Point

This week we pray for:

Joan, Colby, Conner, Sue, Betty, Quinn, Isabella, Kat, Jenny, Kurt, Jocelyn, Andrea, David+, Richmond, Paul, Dottie, Bonnie, Ruthie, Patrick J., Patrick F., Jill, Derek, Brandy, Jessica, John, Sharon, Kenny, Wes, Ruth, Clemmie and Anna J.

Other Announcements

Small Group Book Study on what it means to be Episcopalian will resume at 1:00 pm on Sunday, January 6th in the Cunningham Center Trinity�Platteville.

Slow down. Quiet. It’s Advent! Please be sure to pick up your Advent Calendar poster if you have not already done so.

Confirmation Class meets at 7:00 pm in Platteville on Wednesdays during the Month of December.

There was a home fire in Hollandale on Friday evening, and a family of 6 was displaced. All five children are in elementary school. Stay tuned for further information in case the church decides to help as the church as a whole. Otherwise, please contact Jill Underly about how to contribute money or other needed items.

Fr. Brian’s schedule for December includes the following days off: Thursday, December 27th through Wednesday, January 2nd.