Dates to Remember

This week we pray for: Megan, Sue, Betty Quinn, Isabella, Kat, Jenny Kurt, Jocelyn, Andrea, David+, Aaron, TJ, Richmond, Estele, Paul, Dottie, Bonnie Ruthie, Patrick J., Patrick F., Jill, Derek, and Brandy

Creation Care Committee … Save The Date!

In celebration of Earth Day, Trinity Episcopal Church Mineral Point is excited to announce their Spring environmental program, made possible by a grant from the National Episcopal Church. The focus will be “Water is Life”. In co-operation with Aspen Ridge Home and Garden Center, Trinity will host a community workshop Saturday, April 21 on the “How’s” and “Why’s” of rain barrels: How we can use rain barrels to promote water conservation and economy. Early bird registration offers 60% off the price of a rain barrel ($46)! Offer is limited.

Saturday April 28, The Reverend John F. Floberg, from Standing Rock, North Dakota, will be joining us as the guest speaker in an event at the Opera House from 6-8 p.m. He will share his experience of the important water issues facing the peoples of Standing Rock and all of us, “Water is Life”.

Full details will be forthcoming soon. But mark your calendars now and keep a look out for follow-up information.

Other Announcements

Please note that we have a new Facebook page that will be the site for providing extra information about Trinity Church's plans and activities. The site is Trinity Episcopal Church of Mineral Point, WI. Please "like" this page and visit it regularly!

With our continuing emphasis upon caring for the earth, The Trinity Creation Care Committee is pleased to give members and friends a book of devotions for 2018. The book is For the Beauty of the Earth: Daily Devotions Exploring Creation. If you have not yet received a copy, Please contact Fr. Brian.

Do not forget to contribute to the Food Pantry basket. The need is always there.